Frill Clay Pendant

This chandelier that just oozes charm… There’s something about the Frill pendant that clay beaded lighting enthusiasts just love. Perhaps it’s the modern, minimal chandelier design or the overlapping side swags. Regardless, this beaded beauty is sure to light up any room.

The Frill also includes a belly band and top band that can either be a ‘solid’ colour (i.e. like the rest of your light) or another colour for an eye catching contrast.

Modern yet fun design that includes overlapping swags and a top/belly band
Available in sizes Small - Large
Choose between a ‘solid’ colour or or ‘contrasting’ belly band/swags.
Handmade in Africa by a beautiful community in Kwazulu Natal
Globes are not included

Sizes available
Small: 55cm H x 40cm D
Medium: 65cm H x 50cm D
Large: 80cm H x 65cm D
X-Large: 110cm H x 90cm D
Leadtime: 8-10 weeks - subject to stock availability