Moringa Floor Sculpure


The New Moringa Floor Sculpture comes in 3 sizes and is perfect as a set for maximum impact or individually.

Each clay bead that makes up the Moringa Floor Sculpture is hand rolled using raw clay. They are sun dried, kiln fired and dip-dyed. They are then masterfully strung onto their own unique iron frame. This hand made process ensures that no two pieces will ever be the same.

Available in three sizes. Optional floor light box available.
Dimensions are approximates as there will always be slight variations in sizes and weights due to the handmade nature of these pieces. Leadtime: 8-10 weeks - subject to stock availability.

Small Dimensions: H:90cm, D:34cm
Weight: 9kg

Medium Dimensions: H:120cm, D:43cm
Weight: 13kg

Large Dimensions: H:150cm, D:52cm
Weight: 18kg