Grevillea LED GR2 Polished Copper Double Bollard


The G442-LED Grevillea is an excellent option for delivering light on the ground plane, or for feature accent lighting without obstruction from low-level plantings. Aim and tilt adjustability, a choice of finishes and long service life are all part of the package. The Grevillea also features new Lumascape d5 driver technology as a standard inclusion, providing a high level of control: When high output is required, it can be deployed in its full output, 2 x 6W configuration; If a lower level of light is required, it can be set as low as 0.6W, (either by the factory or in the field).

Lumen Output - 2 x 556lm
Power Consumption - 2 x 6W
IP Rating - IP65
Colours available - Black, Copper
Beam Angle - 30°
24V DC Dimmable