Navicula Pendant


Navicula is derived from nature, in this case from one of the many microscopic diatoms that float around in the oceans. The flowing, segmented form is shipped as kitset and assembled on site with push-in nylon clips. The thin curved pieces of CNC-cut bamboo plywood create a flowing structure that also casts magical patterns. It is lit from within with a row of LED pin-point lights. Available in three sizes and a wide variety of finish options.

Features - Flat packed for reduced environmental footprint.
Finishes - Natural, Aqua, Black, White, Caramel, Lime, Orange, Red, White, Blue, Pink
Material - Bamboo
Colour Temperature - 2700K
Source - LED
Wattage - 8W / 11W / 18W
Dimmable - Yes
Max Drop - 5m
Net Weight - 2kg / 3kg / 6kg
Warranty - 2yr Commercial / 3yr Residential
Leadtime: 8-10 weeks - subject to stock availability