Kina Pendant


Kina is the Maori name for the local sea-urchin. Under the spines the shell is shaped like this with similar surface patterns. This piece was inspired after seeing a tiny one in Antarctica, sunk in the sea ice in a hollow that was made when the shell absorbed the warmth from the sun and melted the ice around it – an exquisite jewel. The Kina comes in kitset to reduce the impact of freight on the environment.

Finishes - Natural, Caramel, Aqua, Black, Lime, Orange, Red, White, Blue, Pink
Material - Bamboo
Source - Halogen, LED
Lamp Base
440: 1 x E14 60W (Max)
600 - 1400: 1 x E27 60W (Max)
Dimmable - Dependent on globe
Net Weight 0.5kg / 0.9kg / 1.5kg / 2.45kg / 9.2kg
Warranty 12 months
Leadtime: 8-10 weeks - subject to stock availability